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Education and Training

At God’s House of Glory, we have been given a mandate by God to disciple those who desire to become a part of the family of God at this ministry. We will empower, equip, and train up Believers so that they can fulfill their highest calling in God and change this world through Jesus Christ.

God's children are to operate at a higher level than the world operates. Therefore, as God reveals His specific purpose and plan for the life of the believer, they need a place where they can receive a higher level of instruction and training. Whether it be our children, a new believer that needs a solid foundation laid in their life, a person called to be an entrepreneur, or a chosen one to minister the Word of God, God’s House of Glory has the "training ground."

Every facet of our education and training programs focuses on a common theme of trust and dependence on the Kingdom of God and His Word. God has given us the resources to equip the Body of Christ, to live independent of this world's system and to have dominion over it. Now is the time for us to live in victory and to reign in this life!

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